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Bride Of Honor Magazine October 2019 Issue

Actor  Manvitha Harish adorns the gorgeous Couture of designer Divya Samal and a journey into the life of the designer and her experiences creating exquisite pieces of outfits for celebrities and brides.

What women want in a Man?
A must read two part series about the qualities a woman looks for in a Man…..This article is going to spice up the dating circuit…

The walk in the Bride side – Shruti Badami
The story of a beautiful girl who went on an adventure of finding her Mr.Right and boldly took the step towards an arranged marriage…
What were her thoughts ?

Style Maketh a Man
*Bharat Ramdas*The Designer behind making Celebrities look good, in talks with Bride Of Honor on the ideal styling for today’s Ubersexual Men

The Blouse of the Matter – Sachi Design Studio
The story behind the evolution of the blouse from being a mere accessory to becoming a star attraction of the 6 yard drape.

Click for Love
Couples are taken into a fantasy world created by some ace photographers.The top 10 pre wedding photo shoots of the season

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