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The Most Sacred Relationship in the World!! The Bond that holds through seven incarnations. And that is Wedding….The holy bond between two people.

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A wedding is a sacred ceremony and joyous happy occasion for a family. This is not only in India or in Hindu culture, but everywhere ,in every culture . With God and forefathers as witness, the bride and the groom  tie the knot.

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The bride and the groom are basically cleansed for a period of about seven days before their wedding and different pre-wedding rituals like Engagement,Haldi ,Mehendi, Sangeet to purify the body and soul of the couples.

Haldi ceremony


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It is believed ,these  pre-wedding rituals are performed not only  to enjoy , but all rituals have there own significance and these rituals and mantras protect the bride & groom  from all the misfortunes & negative powers during the time of their marriage.


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On the wedding day, the bride & the groom take bath in  turmeric and sandal infused water to get the glow of divinity & in every ritual they both realize & accept each other as their soulful partner for life.


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As they enter holy matrimony as  Husband & wife ,considered as the most sacred relationship in the world,  they promise  each other to make this bond divine & eternal  for seven lives.

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