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Some Necessary Advice from Bride of Honor:

Please make a note,

  • First message/ call the Makeup Artist to confirm the time you expect her and where you expect her? Any accessories you need her to bring? Also, ask her if she wants you to wash your hair.
  • Then give a call to every person who is related to the wedding, like the wedding venue guy, the caterer, the florist to be follow up on their Schedule.
  • Have you confirmed the timing with your photographer? He should be there to take the behind the scenes shots for sure!
  • Things to Carry: your “Girl To Bride Bag
    your “Bride To Wife Bag
  •  During the makeup session, wear a front open top, so that you can remove it easily after the session without disturbing your makeup or you can wear the blouse when your hair and makeup starts.
  • Assign a close one as your maid of honor to manage your personal stuff.She will be the one who ensures your “Girl to Bride Bag ” & “Bride to Wife Bag” is ready, She will be your helping hand for the entire wedding & always keeps you updated of everything.She can be your best friend /your sister/ cousin.
  • Assign a driver to take you from the Salon to the wedding Venue.
  • Carry a picture of the saree/lehenga draping style, hairstyle, makeup you want to show to your makeup artist for reference. It saves time.

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