The Significance Of Mehendi Ceremony in Indian Marriages

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Mehendi ceremony is celebrated one day before marriage in presence of only ladies of the family, friends & relatives. The Mehendi will come from the groom side with some fruits & dry-fruits.

Shagun Thali

Shagun Thali

One can keep the mehendi for at least 4 hours for deep color. The Relatives or friend will apply mehendi on bride or else a professional mehendi stylist can be hired. They will apply mehendi on hand from forearm to fingertips & on feet.

bridal mehendi

Mehendi festival for marriage

Leg mehendi

As we know mehendi is known for its cooling properties , it will calm the bride’s nerves when applied on her hands & feet .Tradition is the bride & groom can’t step out of home after this ceremony till their wedding.

marriage mehendi Celebrations

Its not compulsory for the groom to apply mehendi. Only some dots of mehendi on hand & feet is enough .

Mehendi Festival

Mehendi Festival

The relatives will sit & sings songs related to mehendi & married life

Nowadays mehendi cones are readily available in the market. Although organic mehendi mixture can be prepared at home by drying the mehendi leaves under the sun & grinding it to a fine powder. To make a paste add some water,niligiri /eucalyptus oil & lemon juice  & blend  it to make an even mixture without lumps.Fill the fine paste  inside a plastic cone to apply .

In some Indian regions like Odisha, West Bengal  people used Alta/ Alata ,Its a red dye to colour the hand & feet similarly like mehendi.

Red Mehendi

bridesbridal Mehendi tips

It is tradition to hide the Grooms’s initial in the bride’s mehendi designs & in the post wedding rituals,the groom has to find his hidden initials.These rituals were formulated in the traditional marriage ceremony as an ice breaker between the bride & the groom as in those days the bride & groom hardly communicated with each other before the marriage.

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