The Significance Of Haldi Ceremony

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Haldi means turmeric, turmeric is known for its medicinal qualities & beautification. In India in almost all region & religion haldi ceremony is important.


This ritual is conducted just one day before marriage In the residence of bride & groom,One by one the elders of the family, relatives will apply Haldi made up of turmeric, sandalwood paste & rose water. It is applied on the bride & groom ‘s knee,forearm,forehead ,feet . It is one of the beautification processes to prepare the bride & groom for marriage.

Bride is in Yellow lehenga with floral ormaments
The Bride & Groom

It is believed that once this is finished the bride & groom will not step out from home till their marriage. Haldi will protect the bride & groom from any types of skin infections, and turmeric is known for giving the skin a natural glow

The smile is a priceless adornment
Fun at Haldi Ceremony
Loads of Fun!

The bride generally adorns an off white or yellow lehenga /kurti or a saree accompanied by jasmine/mogra and other flowers used as ornaments.

Our Bride as Shankuntala

The trend to dress up like the mythological characters a.k.a shakuntala who adorned flowers as ornaments such as maangtika, earrings, necklace, bangles and payals has caught up and haldi ceremony is celebrated with much fervor.

Family Fun at Bridal Ceremony

The family members all dress up with yellow /white colored outfits to make the day more memorable & beautiful.


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