Some Funny Rituals In Indian Wedding

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The Indian marriages are full of traditions & rituals.They bring happiness to the bride, groom  & for both the families.   fun-filled rituals are associated with this occasion for a lifetime of memories. These  rituals are preformed to ensure the two families bond well and to strengthen the relations thus newly formed. It also acts as an ice breaker between the newly married couple.

Shoe Hiding Game:

A mostly funny tradition of Hindu marriage is stealing and hiding groom shoes by the girls of bride’s family. The family and friends of the groom take great care to protect the groom’s shoes . The girls from the bride’s family plot and steal the groom’s shoes and hide it.  It is considered a matter of pride for the bridesmaids to steal the shoes. And when the groom wants his shoe he has to pay to get it back.

Shoe Hiding Game
Shoe Hiding- hindu wedding rituals
funny shoe hiding game

Painful pricks:

This fun filled ritual usually happens with Gujurati grooms. In this ritual the ladies of the bride’s family pinch the groom’s nose. Earlier it was the pride of the mother-in-law, but now days all girls
can do this with the groom and also his friends. In response to this ritual by his mother-in-law he grabs the Pallu of her saree and certain compensation also needs to be paid.

wedding rituals
hindu wedding rituals

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Kaashi Yatra:

This ritual is being celebrated in south Indian weddings. In this the groom pretends to go to Kaashi  and enter celibacy He carries an umbrella fan and a small thela. The bride’s brother and uncle stop him and request him to take their daughter/Sister in marriage and take up responsibility of the new household.

Kaashi Yatra - Wedding rituals

Find the Ring:

In this ritual, the fingerings will be hidden in the big pot filled with milk and rose petals.The bride and the groom have to find the ring of each other. Whoever finds the ring first is considered to be dominating the other in their marital life.

Photo Credit : DreamTaleStudio
Photo Credit : DreamTaleStudio

Kauri Game:

The newly wedded couple plays with Kauri where the bride tries to break the fist and get the Kauri and the groom do the same.  The popular belief is the ones who win the game will dominate the other in their marital life. It is generally celebrated by east Indian state like Odisha & west Bengal.


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