Simple Bridal Mehendi Designs

Are you a bride who doesn’t like an arm full of Mehendi on your D’ day? It could be due to an allergy, the smell of it or just not being fond of Mehendi. Whatever it is, it’s part of our tradition,that cannot be avoided.For all such Brides who like to KISS ( keep it simple Silly!😀) Bride Of Honor has put up a list of options, which will make you and everyone else happy! Simple and cute Mehendi designs that solve the problem in a Moment!

Significance of Mehendi Ceremony

We are helping you choose the simple Mehendi designs with no elaborate frills attached. Like, A single lines or Mehendi jewelry, Spaced out Arabic design etc. Let’s have a look.

1. Upper Palm Designs:

Simple mehendi Designs

Beautiful mehendi Designs

Jewelry Design

Jewelry mehendi Designs

mehendi designs

A very Simple & Sober Design

mehendi designs for hand

mehandi designs

Happy Mehendi

One Line Mehendi

one line mehendi

best mehendi designs

handy Mehendi Designs

Rajastani Mehendi Design

Rajastan Special Mehendi

Special Mehendi Designs by Bride of honor

mehandi works

matching mehandi

bridal mehandi help

2. Lower Palm Designs:


Mehandi Designs

Bridal Palm Mehendi

3. Leg Designs:

bridal leg mehendi

beautiful mehendi designs for Legs

Mehendi designs for Legs

Leg Jewelry mehendi Designs

Leg mehendi designs

leg mehandi

Hope you like the designs. we would like to hear from you. Select the best design among those showcased in the blog and let us know which is ideal for a bride who would like to keep it simple and mail to us @


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