Shruti Badami Interview

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1) Tell us more about yourself?
I am Shruti Badami. I come from the city of Ranibennur. Initially, I worked as a structural Engineer but there was a part of me that kept getting drawn towards pursuing my passion for all things beauty and Makeup. So from the past 2 years, I am working as a professional makeup artist in Bangalore.
2) Congratulations on your wedding? Is it an arranged marriage or a love
Thank you. It is an arranged marriage. But I would like to say that love brought
us together.
3) When did you decide that you are ready to get married or begin the process of looking for suitors? Define the moment when you made up your mind.
There was never an “I am Ready” moment, but yes I kind of had it coming that I have to get married when I meet my Mr.Right.
4) Before meeting your fiance what were the various modes through which your parents started to find a life partner for you?
With everything happening online and the world around us has gone all digital, my Parents sought to find Mr.Right through matrimonial websites.
5) Tell us your experience of going through the matrimonial websites. Was it fun to look into the different profiles? Any funny anecdote you wish to share
We girls find it difficult to choose and decide a dress or an accessory online,
imagine the task of finding your life partner online. It was not my cup of tea to choose on an internet portal as to who was good for me and whom I wouldwant to share the rest of my life with, but Yeah! As I began the process I got a hang of it and then I began to have fun. I came across many profiles and it was a bit irritating when you don’t find the right match. There were a few funny incidents when the guys came up with new and weird chat up lines to introduce themselves.
6) How was your experience going through this process of meeting potential grooms?
It was initially scary. I had so many questions in my mind. How do you gauge a person and know whether they match up to your expectations? How do I know whether he is honest and genuine or just a show-off? It was quite a test of indecision and I continued my search for a person who would give me the comfort and the feeling of family.

7) What were you looking for in your life partner when you were interacting with the potential suitors?
Before the age of 25 like many other girls, I used to dream of a handsome
prince charming who would sweep me off my feet but later on, I realized that a persons character plays a more important role than mere good looks which would fade away with I was looking for a man with a heart. A man who had traits of spreading kindness and joy. I was looking for a man who is a bit of a wanderlust and not a lazy bone. Deep down I searched and looked for a loving and caring person who would support my passion. I am very glad that I found a good looking man who has all the characteristics that I was looking for.
8) What kind of questions and expectations did the suitors you met come up
with? Any funny incident you would want to narrate
There were no specific expectations from any of the suitors. But I had to deal with many funny guys. One instance I remember when this one guy texted me directly without any pleasantries and with not even a Hello, he inquired directly about my height as he was 6 ft and wanted a girl who was no less than 5.8” ft tall. The first thought that came to my mind was, is this guy walking around with a measuring tape to check the girl’s height. I came across several such instances where guys asked questions which seemed to be very funny at the time.

9) How did you meet your fiancé? Tell us more about your first meeting and
how things progressed thereon
Initially, for a month it all started with chatting as he was in the USA and I am in India. I always got a very positive kind of vibes from him and I was very nervous when we first met but he made me feel comfortable and special. I gradually became confident that this can work and I can live happily ever after with him. I am very glad that I have found my prince charming.
10) What are the qualities in him that you were attracted to?
His patience and honesty make him very special. He is always asking my
opinion and he gives his suggestions on several matters. He's treating me with priority, over everything is the cherry on the top. what else can a girl ask for when she finds a bestie in her husband.
11) Tell us about the moment when you decided that yes he is the one for you
With him, I felt that my freedom, our love, his affection and care wouldn’t
fade after marriage and will remain the same. On our 3rd meeting, he was so confident about me that I also gained confidence that this is gonna work and he was the only person with whom I could open up and be myself. This was the moment I felt he is the one.
12) As a Bridal make up artist tell us your experience working with different brides and how they felt on the day of their wedding
Every bride is different and special. The facial structures and beauty differ
from person to person and I love enhancing their beauty, It was a beautiful
journey and a very good learning experience and it was exciting to know about the different cultures & traditions.
13) As a bridal makeup artist, how does it feel about your wedding
A Girl always dreams about her wedding from her childhood, so brides are
always excited and looking forward to making good memories on their
wedding day. For me its the same as all brides, I am excited and paranoid about what to wear for which ceremony, the Decorations, themes, food etc except for the makeup part.
14) When did you decide on the look you would want to go on your wedding day? Who will be doing your make up?
Looks were decided long ago even before my guy was decided and obviously, I am the one who is gonna glam myself up on my wedding
15) What were the thoughts that ran in your mind as the wedding day came
Thoughts were rolling fast as days came by. Mixed feelings of excitement,
happiness, a bit of nervousness but still hoping nothing changes and everything remains the same after becoming Mrs from Miss.
16) A message you want to give to your fiancé
Darling, I would say that “You are my gift from god” I promise to be the wife
that you have dreamt of. Let's add smacks to every day together & create loads of memories to our fairy tale. I will always be beside you in your happiness sorrow and yeah! beside you during shopping.
17) A message you would want to give to all the girls out there who would like to opt for an arranged marriage
Don’t conclude on getting married because of someone’s pressure. Decide to
get married when you are ready and don’t settle unless you find your Mr.Right. Don’t just get carried away by the glitz of wealth or looks as it might change with time. Stick with permanent qualifiers which don’t change with time and use your brain to follow your heart.



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