Seven Vows In Hindu Marriage (Saath Phera/Saptapadi)

The seven steps taken in a Hindu marriage know as the saath phera or saptapadi are the seven different vows taken by the bride & groom to each other as they enter their future life together…. It is  a very important ritual for Hindus during the marriage ceremony.The bride & groom will give oath to each other that they will obey & respect these words in their future life .Isn’t it interesting? Lets read the Vows,

seven vows in Hindu marriage


1st Vow: Basic Necessities

With the first step let us promise to cherish each other and provide food & welfare to the family

Basic Neccesity of vow

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2nd Vow: House & family

With the second step we promise to be Together and be each other’s courage & strength.

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3rd vow: Prosperity

With the third step we promise to grow wealthy & prosperous together.

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4th vow: Living life to the fullest

We promise to be happy together and cherish the beautiful journey of life.


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5th Vow: Children

With the 5th step we promise to have noble children and strive for the well being and upbringing of the children.

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6th vow: Sharing Happiness & sorrows

With the 6th step we promise to share all the joyous moments of life and stand by each other and face all the difficult times and sorrows together.

Marriage Ceremony

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7th Vow : Friendship

With the 7th step we start our journey of life together as husband and wife.we promise to live love cherish and be happy together .we promise to be best friends standing by each other and caring for each other for the rest of lives.

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