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Rice water is an easily available product, and you will be surprised with what this simple remedy with rice water can do to our skin care. Dive in, to see how to use simple rice water for glowing youthful skin

Rice Water For Shiny Hair

If you want to keep your hair strong & healthy & shiny, rinse your hair with rice water after shampooing every time.

Rice water for hair

Rice Water For Acne Prone Skin

Applying rice water on acne prone skin actually helps to reduce acne, soothes the redness of skin breakage & helps to tighten the pores.

Rice water for acne removal

Rice Water For Clear & Bright skin

Rice water helps revitalize your skin, helps keep it smooth & bright. Rice water contains vitamin & minerals i.e very good for skin brightening.

Rice water for Clear and Bright Skin

Rice Water For Itchy Skin

Rice water can be applied to itchy skin & rashes as the soothing nature of rice water is cools & reduces inflammation of irritating skin conditions.

Rice Water for Itchy Skin

Rice Water For Sun Burn

Apply rice water to the tanned area to get rid of burnt tanned skin & for cooling inflammation, it helps in faster recovery from tan damage & it prevents from further suntan.

Rice water use for Sun Burn

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