Lemon And Honey Remedies For All Skin Problems

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Lemon and honey are products we get easily at home.They are very good at resolving several skin care issues like blackheads, Open Pores, dandruff, Pimples, Dark spots & Scars, Lightening lips, brightening and giving a natural glow to the skin

Lemon & honey are products we get easily at home, let us review how these two are used as a beauty remedy.

Here we discuss about Lemon and Honey Remedies for All Skin Problems:

Prepare a mixture of lemon & raw honey, apply it to affected area as per your beauty need.

  • Blackheads– Apply the mixture of both & keep it in the affected area overnight.
  • Dark spots & scars– Take 1 tbsp of raw honey & 1 tbsp of lemon, apply it on affected area & keep it for 15-20 min, for better result repeat this process twice a week.
  • Pimples– Apply lemon & raw honey on pimples overnight, rinse off in the morning. For better result repeat this process regularly.
  • Lighten lips-Apply lemon and honey on lip & massage it for 5-10 mins, repeat this process every day to get baby soft pink lips.
  • Lemon and Honey Remedies for Skin
    Lemon and Honey Remedies for Skin

    Dandruff– Apply the mixture of Lemon and Honey on the scalp and leave for 30 mins. Rinse with warm water. Repeat this process every time you wash your hair.

  • Reduces pores– Apply the mixture to pores & keep it overnight, repeat the process thrice a week to tighten the pores.
  • Brightens skin– Apply lemon & honey to skin & massage it for 5- 10 minutes, repeat this process twice a week to get a brighter skin.
  • Lightens darkness around Kneecaps– Apply this mixture to both the knees & massage it for 10- 15 mins to get a lightened kneecap, repeat this procedure thrice a week for a better result.
    Lemon & Honey Remedies For All Skin Problems


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