Ideas For Proposing To Her/Him

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Finally It is the moment when you realize She/he is the one  made for you & you want to live the rest of  your life with her/him only! That’s The special moment when you propose to your beloved in a very special way making  that moment  very very memorable for both of you. and  why not? It Is the beginning  of a new chapter in your life where you decide to live and experience the rest of life together forever .It should be special …..Right?

we are presenting a few innovative way couples have captured their idea of a perfect proposal.And one advice from our side when you are going to propose to your beloved ,make sure there is a photographer secretly capturing the moment  and you can revive the moment by looking at it through out your lifetime .

  1. Surprise her with your palm print in sand with the ring attached
Palm Print Proposal

2. Give her/him a surprise beach proposal (with some cute quotations)

Propose with gifts

3. Do not wait for the correct time to come, Just say it!!!

Mutual Proposal

4. Send her/him a tricky romantic letter with a ring attached.

Romantic Letter Proposal

5. Take her/him for a romantic long drive & ask her will you be mine for life time!!!

i said yes

6. Take her/him to their favorite place with everything cutely arranged for a amazing photo shoot,

marriage proposal- brideofhonor

7. Awwwwww ………………………its so romantic .Isn’t it?

Romantic Propose in Water

8. Propose to her in between your dream vacation,

Propose in Dream Vacation

9. Give her/him a decorated household thing with your  hidden written message,

Creativity in Propose

10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What a view? What are you thinking ? She will say “yes” or “No”?

Propose i Treking

11. So cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its my dream ,What about yours?

Propose at Sea

12. The so cute wala sunset…

Cute Proposal for Love

13. This is awesome.

Forever and Always

14. A surprise proposal to her.

Surprise Proposal

15. When your baby love is there , Don’t worry!!!!!!

wedding Celebrations

16. Just loved the style!!!!!!

Proposal at water Fall

We would like to hear from you which one you will implement in your life, Or share with us your experience!


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