“Girl to Bride Bag” Checklist

Hey, Bride-to-be have you packed your “Girl to Bride Bag” ??  Definitely, you will ask what is that now ?? Well, its a list of things you need to carry from your home to the wedding Venue & it is the go-to bag to avoid last moment hurry.

The last few days of the wedding should be relaxed and without any stress….if you want to take stress then take some positive stress, dream about your post-wedding days or plan your honeymoon days. To get this quality time , keep your bride bag ready.Here Bride of Honor is helping you to make a list of your” Girl To Bride” accessories. So my charming Bride, Here you go !!!!!!!!!

Girl to Bride Checklist by Bride of Honor

Your Jewelry- Maang tika, necklace, rings, bangles, anklet, Nath, Kamar bandh,
Your Sarees & Lehenga (Skirt, Blouse and Dupatta )
Your shoes
A Strap on top or velcro towel to cover your saree/lehenga/Gown while getting makeup done
Safety Pins (Carry Plenty of it)
Cotton Buds, Tissues & Makeup Remover, Plain cotton
Hair Accessory- Flowers, Hair Pins , tick tack clips, U-pins, hair bands, hairspray etc.
Straws -It will help if you are wearing lipstick & want to have water.
Energy Drink -Mini Bisleri Bottle or Tang or some energy related drink.
Snacks -Chocolate Bars, Energy Bars, Nuts, Khakra etc.
Your Mini make up kit-Comb, lip balm, foundation, kajal, lipstick and blush
Reference pic of Makeup, Hairstyle & styling of lehenga /saree wrap you would want to show to your makeup artist.
Umbrella – For Hot sun/ Rain
Hand Bag-Money, phone and Phone Charger, Perfume bottle, mint, Needle and thread,  Sanitary Napkins
Lens solution * (if you wear contacts)

You are all set now ….

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