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Hey, Bride have you packed your “Bride to Wife bag”? What’s that? you ask.  Well with marriage you are going to change your designation from a girl to a wife .so your requirements will also change when you go to a new house to stay. Bride Of Honor is giving you a list of all the things you need as an overnight bag in your hotel or wherever your first night is going to be and then the stuff you need in your new home with your husband. This is what you need to check your bride to wife bag has:

Girl to Bride Bag

Wedding night & the next day
Night Suit
Shoe & cloth for the Next Day
Makeup Remover, it’s very important to you.
Night Creams and all those lotions
Mini make up kit

Daily Essentials: 
Your Makeup Kit and daily essentials (hairdresser, straightener etc)
Your Clothes & matching jewellery
Your daily accessory
Sanitary Stuff- Toothpaste & toothbrush, shampoo & conditioner, your bath accessory, soft towels, sanitary pads

Your medicines

We would like to hear from you, If we missed out anything, please mention in the comment box.

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