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A bride faces several emergencies on her wedding day and a bridal emergency kit is a must-have along with her wedding Trousseau. A bride can choose her own products & make the kit beautiful with fun-filled accessories.We hope you will not have emergencies on your big day but it is better to be prepared than be sorry. Ensure your kit is ready for the D Day & your Maid of honor is in charge of handling the kit and aware of its contents.A Bride may not require all the products in the kit but it is as we call it, to handle emergencies.

Here Bride of Honor gives you an idea about what to carry inside the emergency bridal kit.We have tried to ensure you don’t miss out anything. Let’s have a look.

Bridal emergency kit

Lipstick: Keep a lipstick with you which matches your wedding outfits and is the same shade your makeup artist would be applying.you will require it for frequent touch-ups.
Lip balm: Bride can keep a balm in the colour of her lipstick for touch-ups
Compact: The compact is always a saver during long hours in the wedding mandap and blaring focus lights resulting in an oily face.
Wet Tissues– for different purposes.
Safety Pins– Its the most important thing. The bride may need it to adjust her lehenga/dupatta.
Band-Aid:  Keep band-aid in case of shoe bites or minor cuts.
Baby Oil & Anti-septic cream: The bridal jewellery is too heavy with a Necklace, mang tikka, nathni. So keep a cream in case there is some allergy.
Aspirin: Bride has to pose for the camera, constantly smile…..and be at her best. So keep it in case of Head/Bodyache etc.
Sanitary Pads: If in case she forgets her date.

Bridal Emergency Kit from brideofhonorHair Spray: Because the bride’s hair is full of hair accessories, one cannot say when she may need to fix a loose strand or two which goes astray.
Small mirror: For the touch-ups in the car or waiting area.
Straws: Keep straws to drink without messing up your lipstick.
ENO: for immediate relief from a stressed digestive situation.
Camera: For taking her own candid shots throughout the wedding .your lifetime memories.
Contact numbers: Make a list of important contacts who are related to your wedding e.g wedding venue guy, catering guy, photographer, MUA etc.

Perfumes or Deodorants: A must have.you never know when and where you require these lifesavers
Mouthwash and mints: For fresh breath.
Makeup remover: To take care of smudged kohls and mascaras.
Feviquik: In case a shoe heel breaks
Spare flats: One can’t stand for a long time in high heels.
Favourite music: While getting ready or in the car to relax & believe us it will calm your mind.
Chocolates & Dry foods & water bottle: For in between snacking.you have to keep yourself hydrated and never leave your stomach empty
Hand Sanitizer
Small Makeup Kit: For touch-ups.

Here you have it. All the items in the emergency bridal kit covered.

We would like to hear from you, Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comment box, please!

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