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Wedding is a joyous moment for all ,but there is stress as well. The stress can destroy happiness of the wedding day, But you can keep your mind calm with Yoga & meditation. Yoga is a mind body practice that combines asanas and breathing techniques for relaxing the mind and body.Yoga helps reduce stress and lower blood pressure and heart rate.

Here we are presenting some Yoga poses/asanas that are beneficial for stress relief. These Yoga Poses/asanas are beneficial for the muscles, joints, cardiovascular system, nervous system and lymphatic system, as well as the mind. It strengthens and balances the entire nervous system and hormones. The effects of these exercises are clarity of mind, relaxation and a feeling of inner freedom and peace.

Ardha kati chakrasana:

  • Good for general body toning on a day to day basis .
  • Fat loss around the waist region.
  • Helps in controlling Asthma and high blood pressure
Yogasana for Bride
Ardha Kati Chakrasana


  • It gives tranquility to your mind.
  • Provides relief from depression and anxiety. develops esteem and self-confidence
  • increases your stamina, concentration and immunity , relaxes the central nervous system
  • It is good for your knees and also treats numbness.
Vrikshasana for Stress Relief


  • It Stimulates and improves blood circulation through the entire body.
  • Reduces blood pressure, stress and anxiety
  • It calms the mind, increases concentration.
Trikonasana for Stress Relief

trikosana Trikonasana


  • Regulates digestive, nervous, and respiratory system.
  • Strengthens knees, thighs and ankles


  • Improves balance in the body, helps increase stamina.
  • Stimulates the metabolism and restores the spine. Relieves stress


  • Tones legs, especially the muscles in knee, ankles, and thighs.
  • Balances body and brings determination in the mind & helps strengthen the lower back.
Uthkatasana for Stress Relief



  • Calms mind and also relieves mild depression and stress
  • Practicing this asanas regularly helps reduce anxiety, headaches, and fatigue .
Paschimothasana for Stress Relief


  • Improves Digestion.Relieves lower back pain.
  • strengthens the back and shoulders.
  • Reduces fat on thighs , Cures constipation , Stimulates endocrine glands.
Ustrasana for Stress Relief


  • helps reduce belly fat & prevent and control diabetes
  • Improves the function of both spinal cord and nervous system
  • Provides relief from waist & back pain. strengthens kidney.
Vakrasana For Stress Relief

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  • Aids in stronder and more flexible spine. helps regulate metabolism
  • It known as a great stress reliever.Improves blood circulation
  • Helps in maintaining  hormone balance. It stretches the abdominal muscles.
Bhujangasana for Stress Relief

Chinmudra :

  • Improves & increases concentration. Increases energy and stamina & aids in better sleep.
  • Reduces the lower back pain. Relieving stress and any unnecessary tension in the body .


  • Relaxes & calms the brain. It helps awaken the Chakras making one more aware of things.
  • Restores energy levels & activates the spine, the pelvis, the abdomen, and the bladder.
  • Calms the brain & keeps joints and ligaments flexible.
Padmasana for Stress Relief


  • Rejuvenates  body  relaxing it & Body goes into a deep meditative state.This Asana helps repair the cells and tissues and releases stress.
  • Reduces blood pressure & anxiety. While in Shavasana, mind automatically improves concentration and memory.
  • It  is the fastest and safest way to gain instant energy. The 10-minute break gives the body an energy boost, and thereby, increases productivity.
Shavasana for Stress Relief

 We would like to hear from you….have you tried any of these yoga poses.if yes tell us which of the asanas has made a difference.if you have not tried them,try it and tell us how you feel.

If you have any queries on yoga or need further assistance feel free to contact us .




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