All About The Fun & Quirkiness Of A Sangeet Ceremony

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Traditionally Sangeet ceremony is one of the rituals of Hindu marriage, mostly celebrated by north Indians, but nowadays it is celebrated by  people of all regions. This ceremony offers relaxation from all the hectic seriousness of the wedding preparations.

Sangeet Venue

Traditionally  Women of the family & relations surround the bride & sing  songs on the daily life of women & about the  marriage life & her groom .Nowadays a professional DJ and event organizers are roped in to set a huge stage where  the family members of both bride & groom are celebrating this ceremony together.

Sangeet Ceremony Stage

Sangeet Stage

Sangeet Celebrations

Lighting Decoration For Sangeet

Lighting Decoration for Sangeet
Sangeet Celebration

A moment at the ceremony

A choreographer is roped in to help with the dance moves and the entire family run through a series of practice sessions for mastering the dance numbers to be performed on the day of the Sangeet.

DJ for Sangeet Music

Sangeet Ceremony has become an elaborate affair and are now theme based like Bollywood night, Disco theme, Casino night, Magic theme, King & queen theme, 90’s theme, 80’s theme. The  beautiful stage and decor settings are created to set the stage for the event which happens mostly in the evenings. The bride and the groom will be the center of attraction. And ideas like Dance & music competition between Family members of the Bride & the Bridegroom is conducted to spice up the event.

Peter Robello

An Event management company / DJ can be hired to organize the ceremony.

For further details on organizing sound/lights/DJ-ing/MCing contact Peter Rebello

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