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1. Consult a Dermatologist:

Consultation with a reputed dermatologist for a review of your skins overall health is a must do for a bride 6 months before the wedding.A dermatologist would guide the bride and resolve any skin related issues like dark spots,acne, fine lines, wrinkles, sunburn,patchy skin,scars,blemishes etc

2. Homemade treatments:

After the clinical treatment , try homemade facial packs to maintain the spot-free look.

Try out fruit facial packs with mashed papaya, mashed apples,mashed banana,mashed strawberries to make sure the clinical treatment stays for long.

Home made Facepack

Healthly Diet


Don’t skip your meal. Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your body toxin free. Drink one glass of warm lime juice with honey on empty stomach every morning ,You will feel light. Eat a balanced diet consisting of fruits, green vegetables, and protein to give a radiant glowing skin.Avoid junk foods,chocolate,ice creams & cold drinks They will cause skin problems,and give you a bloated feeling.

Heathly food for Bride

Diet for Bride

4.Yoga & Meditation:

Include yoga and meditation to your daily workout regime.Stretching your body and meditation does wonders for toning your body and providing the much needed relaxation for the mind from all the stress involved in a wedding resulting in a glowing and gorgeous Bride. Begin this regime 3 months of marriage to get a fit healthy & beautiful body.

Yoga for Bride


Quality and sufficient hours of deep sleep is absolutely necessary before the wedding celebrations begin. Lack of sleep can result dark circles, head ache,irritation,fatigue & tiredness. A Bride’s beautiful skin, with dark circles under the eyes, is an absolute no no on the wedding day. So, our advise to the bride would be to catch up on her beauty sleep at least for 8 – 9 hours a day.

Proper Sleep

6.Keep Smile:

It’s not necessary for weeding day only .Everyone deserves a good & healthy skin, which should glow from inside out .Keep smile & stay Healthy.

Smiling Bride -bridal tips

If you follow these easy & simple steps you will feel and look beautiful & confident inside & out on your wedding day. Wish you a happy bridal journey .stay happy always!

Hope you liked reading our post & Hope it will be helpful for your special day. Do let us know your feedback & your experience.

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