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Are you wondering, what olive oil can do for your skin treatments? Read on to know more about the single product for many beauty therapies. It is the olive oil.

Olive oil is an ideal product to help grow shiny hair,soften skin,glowing skin,soften nails,lighten stretch marks etc.

Olive Oil For Soft Lips

Mix sugar & 1 tbsp of olive oil.Massage it on lips for 5 to 10 min.Keep it overnight to wake up with a soft & smooth lip.

Olive oil use for soft lips
olive oil for soft lips

Olive Oil for Nail Growth

Soak your nails in olive oil for 10 – 15 mins once a week to get a better nail growth.

Olive Oil uses for Nail Growth
Olive oil for nail Growth

Olive Oil For Soft Nail

Apply olive oil on top of nails & massage it for 5- 10 mins, keep it overnight to get a baby soft nail.

Olive oil use of soft nails
Olive Oil for Nails

Olive Oil for Glowing skin

Instead of using a makeup remover cream, you can take 1 tbsp of olive oil in a cotton pad & swipe it over your face & eye to clean the face, it actually nourishes & moisturizes the face.

Olive Oil for Glowing Skin
Olive oil for Glowing Skin

Olive Oil for Shiny Hair

Olive Oil Benefits for Shiny Hair: Take a little bit of olive oil on your palm rub it & smoothly apply it on your hair to get rid of fizzy & dry hair.

Olive Oil for Shiny Hair
Olive Oil for Shiny Hair

Olive oil for Stretch Marks

Apply olive oil to the stretch marks area & massage it for 10- 15 minutes in a circular motion. Repeat thrice a week to get a better result.

Olive Oil for Stretch Marks
Olive Oil for Stretch Marks

We would like to hear from you.What are the ways in which you have used Olive oil in your skincare regime?

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